Leonel Alberto Torres Aroche

Centre for Clinical Researches
Calle 34 #4501 e/ 45 y 47
Rpto. Kohly, Playa
Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
Tel: (537) 202 3762
FAX: (537) 204 3298

Brief CV

Leonel A. Torres is graduated in Nuclear Physics in 1991, got a master in Medical Physics in 1998 and finished his doctoral studies in 2009.

He has been involved in several national and international projects related to basic and clinical researches in nuclear medicine, emphasizing in the radiation safety of patients and staff and also in the establishment and maintenance of quality management systems concerning the medical physics field.

He is author or co-author of 18 scientific articles on international peer reviewed journals and has received some awards from national and international scientific boards. He is member of Cuban Physics Society, ALFIM (Latin American Association of Medical Physics) and the International Center of Theoretical Physics (2001-2009).