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ImageJ plugin for scanning the header of DICOM files

The download of the zip archive with the software and the instructions for installing and using it can be done here.

This plugin displays the DICOM header tags about all the images in a folder and its subfolders. The images must be in DICOM format. The plugin does not display information about DICOMDIR.

Use "Select folder" to specify the images main directory and "Select TXT" to specify the tags to display (e.g. see the file "Example.txt") or write the tag's code in the mask. Use "Start" to begin the scanning process. The output displays in the first row the selected tags and in the second row the relative description.

Hint: use the "DICOM_Dictionary.txt" contribution by Johannes Hermen and Christian Mol to upgrade the imageJ dictionary: copy it to the ImageJ folder and ImageJ will use it instead of the built in 680 tag dictionary.

If you download the plugin and publish data achieved with this software, please credit this website: