ImageJ plugin for performing physical characterization and quality checks

The download of the ImageJ plugin (.jar) can be done here.

To install this plugin, unzip the archive, copy the file COQ_.jar to the ImageJ plugins folder, and restart ImageJ.

This software was developed for assisting users in achieving the physical characterization of X-ray digital systems and some image quality checks. It can be used for calculating various physical parameters such as the response curve, Modulation Transfer Function (MTF), Noise Power Spectra (NPS), Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE). It also includes the computation of some image quality checks: defective pixel analysis, uniformity, dark analysis, and lag.

If you use this software, please credit this website and reference the following paper:

"Free software for performing physical analysis of systems for digital radiography and mammography", Bruno Donini, Stefano Rivetti, Nico Lanconelli and Marco Bertolini , Med. Phys., Vol. 41(5), 051903 (2014).